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It’s Spring … time to smell the roses

spring is a time for nature-lovers, walk-lovers, people-lovers, and love. the sun’s rays, warm days, picnics in the park, hangin’ in the squares watching beautiful people passing by. it’s no wonder spring fever ruins our concentration and inspires our day dreams as hope springs eternal for finding true love.

It’s Spring … time for kings go off to war

spring is also a time for action, zest, new energy, exuberance. In days of old the kings came out of winter’s hibernation and began their springtime conquering, looting, exploring and challenging.

and so it was in spring, “when kings go off to war,” that king david should have taken the army out for maneuvers. but he had spring fever and let the army go on without him. one lazy spring day his eye spied beautiful Bathsheba and it being spring, he instantly fell in love.

and being king he got the girl who had a husband that had to be killed to cover up the pregnancy that ended in the child’s tragic death in infancy.

and suddenly the reality of spring was guilt, shame, failure and disaster. what danger lurks in spring. from this point the story of king David and his royal family went down hill fast even after prayers and repenting and promises.

It’s Spring … a time to die for love

there was another king descended from David’s line who went out to war in spring. he was not fighting for bragging rights or land or conquest—he was fighting a cosmic battle for our souls.

in former years he had conquered Galilee with truth and healing and love. he did it with just a band of 12. but in the Easter spring of 30 A.D., Jesus died for love.

his war was over the things that make for war. over things that cause disasters of the heart, over things that war within us—like pride and stubbornness and unforgiveness and lying...

some kings die for conquest and some for greed, but Jesus died for love of you and me.

It’s Spring... time to begin life again

now is a time to really think about spring’s fantasies and life’s realities. we can start over this spring.

Jesus did not waste his life as a dreamer or a fighter or a philosopher but nobly died as a loving savior. God’s love for us sent out his king to battle and conquer sin and death and to prepare us for a kingdom of PEACE.

1. Peace starts by owning up to the disasters in our own lives—the consequences of our rebellion against God’s perfect ways. no fooling yourself. no day dreaming or hopeless plans and promises doomed to failure.

2. Peace blossoms by recognizing that Jesus is the savior we need and then bowing humbly before our new king—he is alive and reigns very near our hearts.

3. Peace flowers through faith. the Bible says, “if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” Romans 10:9.

4. Peace bears fruit: a new life, a new beginning with fruit and fragrance and beauty.

Could this be the year you spring forward?

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